Sogefi (CIR group) wins Renault-Nissan contract for its new electric vehicle battery pack cooling manifold

The company has developed, in cooperation with the car manufacturer, its first ever manifold which efficiently distributes coolant liquid to the battery pack. The contract begins in 2021

Milan, April 3 2018
– Sogefi, the automotive components company of the CIR Group, has won a contract to supply Renault-Nissan with its battery pack cooling manifold for battery electric vehicles (BEV). The Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi alliance is a world leader in Battery Electric Vehicles. This new component regulates battery temperature thereby increasing efficiency and life duration. Battery thermal management is essential for the performance optimization of Battery Electric Vehicles, a fast growing market.

“This contract is an important milestone in our profitable growth strategy – said Laurent Hebenstreit, Sogefi CEO. It confirms Sogefi’s ability to successfully develop high technology for Battery Electric Vehicles. Sogefi’s close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers’ Research and Development, as well as technical credibility from the concept phase to mass production, were among the key success factors."

Sogefi is a world leader in Air Intake Manifolds for Internal Combustion Engines and Hybrid Vehicles. This new contract positions Sogefi as a Cooling technology supplier of choice for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles.

Starting in 2021, Sogefi will produce the battery pack cooling manifold at its French plant in Châteauroux.

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