Visibility as to the performance of the Group’s businesses in coming months remains low due to the continuing uncertainty regarding the evolution of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, macroeconomic developments and the prices of raw materials, particularly energy.

As far as KOS is concerned, in a context with fewer critical operational issues relating to the pandemic, return to pre-Covid levels of activity is expected during this year for Rehabilitation and Acute and in 2024 for nursing homes in Italy and Germany, after a gradual increase in saturation during 2023, reaching levels close to those of 2019. In the absence of events or circumstances that could make the environment more complex than it is at present, the operating results of KOS for the whole year should be improving vs. the past year.

As for the automotive market, in which Sogefi operates, visibility for 2023 remains limited due to the uncertainty linked to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the macroeconomic trend, and the availability and cost of raw materials and energy. For 2023, S&P Global (IHS) is forecasting growth in world car production of 3.6% compared to 2022, with Europe at +7.1%, Nafta at +5.4%, South America at +4.9% and China at +1.1%. As far as commodity and energy prices are concerned, in 2022 the rising trend came to an end, although volatility remains high. In some geographical areas there are still inflationary pressures on labour costs. Provided there is no serious deterioration in the geopolitical and macroeconomic scenario from today’s levels, for 2023 Sogefi expects to see mid-single-digit revenue growth and an operating result, excluding non-recurring expense, which is at least in line with that of 2022.

As for the financial asset management of the holding company, given the uncertainty linked to the geo-political, macroeconomic and financial climate, volatile conditions are expected to continue throughout 2023 although there should be an improvement in the returns on financial assets. 

SOURCE: 2022 Annual Report