Given the continuing uncertainty regarding the evolution of the pandemic, there is limited visibility as to the performance of the group’s businesses in the coming months.

As far as KOS is concerned, thanks to the effect of the vaccination plans, a return to pre-Covid levels is expected to take place in 2022. In Germany, given the lower impact of the pandemic and the greater public sector subsidies, results should continue to be in line with the growth forecasts made when the acquisition took place in 2019.

As for Sogefi, IHS expects world production to recover by 13.7% compared to 2020 although the level will still be lower than in 2019 (-4.8%). In this scenario Sogefi forecasts a return to profit for the full year 2021 thanks to a recovery in volumes and the action on costs already taken and programmed.

SOURCE: Financial statement as of December 31 2020