Given the continuing uncertainty regarding the evolution of the pandemic, there is limited visibility as to the performance of the Group’s business activity over the coming months. 

As far as KOS is concerned, provided there are no further waves of infection and limits on the acceptance of new guests (such as the need to isolate in the facility) or on the management of the facilities (such as stopping visits by relatives), activity is expected to increase gradually, confirming the trend already seen in May and June; as things stand at present, it is expected that there will not be a return to the levels of activity prior to the pandemic until at least next year.  

As for the automotive market, IHS expects world production to show a limited decline (-3.4%) in the second half of the year compared to 2020 and, given the trend of the first half, it is forecasting growth for the full year of 10%, with a decline of -7.8% on 2019. Moreover, in the second part of 2021 tensions in the commodity markets (steel, plastic and paper) are expected to continue.

In this scenario, Sogefi confirms the view expressed in the publication of its results for first quarter 2021, i.e. for the full year it expects to achieve an operating result at least equal to that reported for 2019 and to return to profit, provided there are no extraordinary circumstances or events that are not at present foreseeable, and before the accounting effects of disposals.

SOURCE: Semi-Annual Financial Report as of June 30 2021