Our sustainability

Our pledge to sustainability

CIR conducts itself on the basis of the principles of transparency, ethics, and social and environmental responsibility, all of which its subsidiaries apply to the execution of their daily activities.

CIR’s approach to sustainability

The CIR group operates in healthcare with KOS and automotive components with Sogefi. These sectors have a significant impact on the community in social and environmental terms.

In recent years, we have embarked on a path oriented towards sustainability which has the goal of monitoring and improving our environmental, social and economic impacts on the territory and the communities related to our subsidiaries. This path is one to which the directors of the holding and management are deeply committed.

We are defining priorities and guidelines at the group level, while leaving the necessary autonomy to KOS and Sogefi to act according to the specifics of their own operations. We are also working to organize specific activities for each situation and establish future goals.

As diverse as they are, our subsidiaries share the desire to create sustainable value in the medium-long term, satisfying the expectations of a plurality of stakeholders and seeking the best balance among the interests involved. In their work, they pay constant attention to the centrality of people, the quality of products and services offered, social and environmental sustainability and economic balance.

Ethics and integrity

CIR conducts its activities respecting the principles and values defined in the code of ethics. Each subsidiary has adopted a code of ethics that is coherent with that of the holding. Fundamental to the code is the value of transparency, which is indispensable for developing and maintaining relationships of trust with stakeholders, and the commitment to the ethical, integral and socially responsible behavior in daily activities.

Our group supports and respects the rights of individuals in line with the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of the International Labour Organisation on the fundamental principles and rights at work. It promotes the physical and cultural integrity of the individual, guaranteeing working conditions that are respectful of individual dignity and safe workplaces.

Sustainability at KOS

As one of Italy’s leading operators in healthcare, KOS has an important social role, flanking the public sector in long-term care. Since its beginning, the company has combined the goals typical of a private company with the desire to guarantee a service of quality, which always centered on people: patients, relatives, and employees.

The fundamental values of KOS are responsibility, orientation to the patient, constant respect for ethical principles, employee training, continuous improvement of services and compliance with the needs expressed by the relevant communities. 

The goal of KOS’s vision of social responsibility is innovation in the methods with which services are provided aimed at the ever greater centrality of the individual.

Sustainability at Sogefi

As a global vehicle components company, Sogefi is committed to the ongoing search for products and technologies that will contribute to sustainable mobility. The company has focused its approach to sustainability on the reduction of environmental impacts, to prevent pollution, reduce the use of dangerous materials, optimize energy and resource consumption, favor the re-use and recycling of materials and limit the production of waste, emissions and leakages.

Sogefi is the group’s most international company. With 38 production plants in 20 countries, it has relations with employees, suppliers and clients of many different cultures.