CIR follows a remuneration policy prepared by the Appointments and Remuneration Committee. Each year, this policy is submitted for review and approval to the Board of Directors and put to an advisory vote of the Shareholders Meeting.

The compensation (ex. Art. 2389 C.C.) given to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (in as much as she or he is an executive director), and to the non-executive directors, for their participation in one or more committees, is determined annually at a fixed rate and is commensurate with the commitment required by each. The remuneration structure for the general manager and executives with strategic responsibilities consists in part of money and in part of financial instruments. With regard to the general manager alone, the part in money includes variable components determined on the basis of performance parameters identified by the Board of Directors and proposed by the Appointments and Remuneration Committee.

The remuneration plans based on company financial instruments are approved by Shareholder Meetings and take into account the indications of article 6 of the Codice di Autodisciplina (self-regulation), from the perspective of pursuing the priority goal of value creation for shareholders in the medium-long term.