Participation in board and committee meetings

The table below indicates the participation of CIR’s Directors in Board and Committees meetings in 2020.

The Board of Directors met eight times in 2020. Between June 8, the date of appointment of the Board currently in office, and December 31 2020 the Board met three times and all of its members were present at the meetings.

The Appointments and Remuneration Committee met five times during the 2020. Between June 8, the Committee met twice and all of members were present at the meetings.

The Control, Risks and Sustainability Committee met seven times. Between June 8 2020, the Committee met five times and all of members were present at the meetings (except for one meeting when one member had sent apologies).

Participation in Board Meetings in 2019



societaNameRole% of participation
COFIDE PRE-MERGERRodolfo De BenedettiExecutive Chairman100%
COFIDE PRE-MERGERMassimo CremonaDirector90%
COFIDE PRE-MERGEREdoardo De BenedettiDirector80%
COFIDE PRE-MERGERMarco De BenedettiDirector80%
COFIDE PRE-MERGERPaola DubiniDirector80%
COFIDE PRE-MERGERPierluigi FerreroDirector100%
COFIDE PRE-MERGERFrancesco GuastiDirector90%
COFIDE PRE-MERGERPia Hahn MaroccoDirector90%
COFIDE PRE-MERGERMaria Serena PorcariDirector100%
CIR PRE-MERGERRodolfo De BenedettiChairman100%
CIR PRE-MERGERMonica MondardiniChief Executive Officer88%
CIR PRE-MERGERPhilippe BertheratDirector88%
CIR PRE-MERGERMaristella BotticiniDirector100%
CIR PRE-MERGERFranco DebenedettiDirector88%
CIR PRE-MERGEREdoardo De BenedettiDirector88%
CIR PRE-MERGERMarco De BenedettiDirector100%
CIR PRE-MERGERSilvia GianniniDirector100%
CIR PRE-MERGERClaudio RecchiDirector88%
CIR PRE-MERGERGuido TabelliniDirector75%