Sogefi is a world leader in automotive components in three areas: suspensions, filtration, air and cooling. Founded by CIR in 1980, the group is present in 20 countries.

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Sogefi at a glance

Sogefi develops and produces components for suspensions, filters, and air & cooling systems. It has partnerships with leading car makers worldwide and operates in the original equipment and original replacement markets, and independent aftermarkets. The company, controlled by CIR with a 56.6% stake, is listed in the STAR segment of the Borsa Italiana (Italian stock exchange). 

The group has approximately 6,000 employees. In 2020, it had revenues of € 1,203.2 million, EBITDA of € 137.6 million and a net loss of € 19.6 million.

€ 1,203M








Sogefi is the company in the group with the most international footprint, present in four continents with 38 production plants. The company is expanding rapidly in markets outside Europe – which accounts for 37% of revenues – particularly in North America and Asia. 

To ensure its future growth, Sogefi intends to develop innovative and high technology products, consolidate leadership in certain components, and cover all geographic areas that are growing.

Cooling products offer the greatest opportunities thanks to the spread of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) that include hybrid, battery electric and combustion cell electric vehicles. The internal combustion engine, however, will still account for a substantial part of the market for some time. In this context, Sogefi is aiming for profitable growth with differentiated product strategies for all types of vehicles. 

Revenues by area of activity in 2020 (Million €)

Suspensions33%€ 399.6 M
Filters36%€ 434.2 M
Air and cooling systems31%€ 371.8 M

Revenues by geographic area in 2020 (Millions €)

Europe62%€ 754.9 M
North America21%€ 250.8 M
South America5%€ 59.5 M
Asia12%€ 145 M


Sogefi produces a complete range of suspensions: coil springs, stabilizer bars, torsion bars, stabilinkers, leaf springs and track adjusters. 

Sogefi is the second producer in Europe in the stabilizer bar segment.

The suspensions are developed in close cooperation with the makers of cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, earth-moving machines, armored vehicles and railway rolling stock.   

The division also produces precision springs, which are used in a diversity of industrial sectors (aerospace, nuclear energy, transport, energy production and distribution oil and gas, medical).

The Suspension Business Unit, which is the least exposed to sector trends, has 22 plants in 12 countries.


Sogefi produces a complete range of filters (oil, petrol, diesel fuel, air and passenger cabin) for original equipment, replacement for original suppliers, and for the independent Aftermarket, with important technological innovations.
Sogefi is the world’s second producer of oil filters.

The Filtration Business Unit has 8 plants in 7 countries.

The Sogefi Aftermarket serves all auto repair market channels for independent workshops at the world level, with the brands Purflux, FRAM®, CoopersFiaam and Tecnocar for light vehicles and Sogefi Pro dedicated to applications for commercial vehicles.

The Purflux filters, in particular, are the leader in France’s Aftermarket.

The Aftermarket, which represents 55% of the division’s European sales, guarantees resilience against any eventual fluctuations of volumes in original equipment.

Air and cooling

Sogefi produces high technology plastic components for cooling motors, in close cooperation with carmakers’ R&D departments. In particular, it produces intake manifold systems, air induction systems, charged air ducting, thermostat housing and ducts, coolant pump modules.

Sogefi is the second producer in the world of intake manifold systems.

The Air and coling division, which has 8 plants in 6 countries, has many opportunities for growth in the electric Power Train context.


The group distinguishes itself for its great commitment to research: each year, in fact, it invests around 3% of consolidated revenues in R&D and has four research centers and development centers, located in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India and the United States of America.

Researchers work toward the continuous improvement of products in terms of life cycle, effectiveness, size, weight and environmental compatibility.


Sogefi’s balanced client portfolio is one of its strengths. The major clients are Ford, Renault/Nissan, PSA, FCA, Daimler and GM, which together represent 60.4% of 2020 sales (59.9% in 2019).

2020-2019 revenues by client 

FCA / CNH9,5%2020
FCA / CNH10,1%2019

Sogefi in the world

Sogefi’s industrial facilities are located in Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, China and Morocco.