Our strategy

Our strategy

Our goal is to create value for our shareholders and stakeholders with a long-term strategy focused on the reinforcement and growth of our subsidiaries KOS and Sogefi.

CIR strategy

In line with our vocation as an services and industrial holding company, our goal is long-term value creation for our shareholders and stakeholders. 

The three pillars of our group strategy: 

  • we focus our actions on two important participations: KOS in healthcare and Sogefi in car components, and exercise overall activities of direction and coordination through a quick and effective decision-making process

  • we employ our resources with the priority of growth and reinforcement of KOS and Sogefi,investing in areas of activity that offer the greatest development opportunities
  • we manage our financial portfolio with prudence and are rationalizing our non-core investments, with the progressive disposal of less significant participations

Healthcare: KOS strategy

Of our subsidiaries, KOS is the one that offers the greatest opportunity for growth, as underscored by demographic and social trends.

Through our support, we are creating the conditions for KOS to pursue its growth, organically and externally, in Italy and abroad, in particular in the area of long-term care (homes for the elderly, complex functional rehabilitation, psychiatric rehabilitation).

We intend to consolidate KOS’s position as an aggregating hub in the socio-health sector, leveraging on the group’s distinctive characteristics. In recent years, KOS has integrated numerous structures in Italy, always adding value and reaching a size that not only facilitates economies of scale but also the internal transfer of local best practices, which accelerate the creation of value within the group.

As the leader in Italy for long-stay care, KOS will continue to grow in the area of homes for the non-self-sufficient elderly (RSA) and in functional and psychiatric rehabilitation, expanding both in the central-North, where it already has a consolidated presence, and in the central-South, where it has begun to invest.

Following the acquisition of homes for the elderly in Germany, KOS will be able to expand in an additional market, seen as highly interesting because of its size, demographic trends, low level of concentration, and its stability in terms of regulation. 

In Italy and at the international level, the group expects to develop through organic growth, acquisitions and the opening of new green-field structures in its main areas of activity: in the complex rehabilitation sector, where the expertise and excellence of the Santo Stefano brand can be brought to bear and in residences for non-self-sufficient elderly.

Auto components: Sogefi strategy

We intend to ensure Sogefi’s growth, strengthening the group and taking advantage of new opportunities presented by the profound transformation under way in technologies and behaviors, as can be seen in the trends affecting the automotive sector.

In the coming years, Sogefi will face some important challenges: from changes in client strategies linked to technological changes such as the electrification of the Power Train and autonomous driving to the client’s expectations of cost reductions and price fluctuation of raw materials. 

Sogefi’s strategy centers on the development of technologies and products of high added value through partnerships with auto makers of excellence, and breaks down into three Business Units: Suspensions, Filtration and Air and Cooling.

The groups intends, first of all, to position itself among the sector leaders in terms of client satisfaction, profitability, cash flow and sustainability. This is a challenge that requires high levels of quality and efficiency.

To achieve this goal, Sogefi intends, first of all, to complete its presence in all geographic regions that are strategic for car makers, maintaining its position of strength in Europe and increasing growth in North America, China and India.

The group aims to improve the competitiveness of its existing and new industrial facilities and intends to develop a product portfolio with positions of targeted leadership.

Sogefi is betting on innovation and new technologies that are able to contribute to the reduction of vehicle weight and their emissions, in particular aiming at new opportunities in the context of the electric Power Train for the Air and Cooling division.

Sustainability is an integral part of Sogefi’s operational and strategic priorities, both in terms of the attention to production processes and in terms of the focus on the development of products that make vehicles more environmentally sustainable.