Our stakeholders

Our principle goal is the creation of value that is sustainable in the medium-long term, to benefit the plurality of stakeholders we interact with. The diversity of sectors in which we are active means we deal with often very different interests and necessities.

To map our stakeholders in detail, we began with our group’s characteristics and the specifics of each of our activities, identifying the degree of influence/dependence of stakeholders with regard to the group. We therefore identified 9 main stakeholder types.

For KOS, Client stakeholders are particularly important, this includes patients and their families. Moreover, the involvement of the local community and the projects undertaken in collaboration with universities and scientific entities are an integral part of KOS’ activity and have the aim of spreading knowledge on the subject of the care and treatment of patients.

Sogefi, wich operates in the automotive sector in a competitive enviroment that is continually evolving, believes that it is fundamental to indentify emerging trends through an ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders, including Clients, Distributors, Suppliers and Business Partners, to create shared value in the long term together.


Human Resources

Shareholders and Financial Community


Community and local area

Business Associations

Institutions and the Regulator

Commercial patners


How we interact with stakeholders

We are committed to establishing relationships of trust with them, based on the principles of transparency, openness and listening. Each of our subsidiaries creates specific activities of stakeholder engagement, to engender fruitful relationships with those whose interests are the most significant for the business. 

The centrality of the people who work in the group’s companies, the development of human capital, respect for diversity and the promotion of equal opportunity are the foundational values of CIR and its subsidiaries, inspired by a common human resources policy.

Customer care is a key point for all our companies. Whether we are dealing with the big carmakers (Sogefi), or patients (KOS), we work with respect and professionalism, giving our all to supply products and services of the highest quality. 

The holding company CIR and Sogefi are listed on the Milan stock exchange. Our main goal is the creation of sustainable value for shareholders and this takes the form of an ongoing relationship with the financial community, based on dialogue and transparency.

Our dialogue with the regions where we operate is particularly important: in the media and healthcare sectors, for example, we organize many activities that aim to educate, orient, inform local communities.

At both the group and subsidiary levels, we ensure strict control of supply practices. This is of fundamental importance for responsible and sustainable business.

We are committed to the constant search for solutions that will reduce our environmental impact. In each of the sectors where we operate, we favor the responsible use of resources; the reduction of energy, raw material and water consumption; better management of emissions released into the atmosphere.