Voluntary partial public tender offer for CIR’s own shares

On May 10, 2021, the Board of Directors of CIR decided unanimously to promote a voluntary partial public tender offer for a maximum of 156,862,745 own shares, without an indication of nominal value, equal to 12.282% of the share capital of CIR. The offer has a price of € 0.51 for each share; the total consideration for the 156,862,745 shares of the offer is € 80,000,000.

The period of acceptance of the tender offer has end on July 29, 2021. Based on the provisional results, the tender offer launched by CIR gathered tenders for a total of 205,782,739 shares. Given that the maximum number of shares subject to the Offer was exceeded, a pro-rata allocation will take place, based on a coefficient that is provisionally calculated at 76,2%.