Our markets

Our markets

We operate in two different markets in the world through our subsidiaries KOS and Sogefi. This diversification allows us to take advantage of the trends in independent sectors and seize greater opportunities for growth at the global level.


KOS is active in a sector that is growing fast as a consequence of significant demographic, social and healthcare trends.

  • The aging of the population, clearly evident in Italy where KOS is the leading operator in homes for the non-self-sufficient elderly, and the evolution of family lifestyles are generating an exponential growth in the demand for long-term assistance for the elderly.
  • The lack in supply of structures for the elderly of high quality in central and southern Italy, and in part also in the North, and the growing need results in a high level of occupancy in these structures.
  • In the complex functional rehabilitation and neuro-rehabilitation sector, where KOS is a leading operator, patients and their families are always more motivated to choose the best possible care for pathologies that today are becoming more prevalent as the average length of life increases.
  • The greater awareness and sensitivity to mental health, the consequent increase in the demand for treatments for mental pathologies and the lack of specialized structures have contributed to creating a high potential for the development of psychiatric rehabilitation structures.
  • The expansion of forms of complementary private funding for healthcare expenses results in an increase in the demand for high quality health structures and services, particularly those provided by private professional operators.

Auto components

Sogefi is one of the world’s leading producers of automobile suspensions, filters and air & cooling systems. The automotive sector, cyclical by nature, has in the last two years experienced an economic downturn, but in the long-term, the economic and demographic development of emerging markets should underpin an increase in production. There are four main trends impacting the future of the automotive sector: electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and shared mobility.

  • Electrification is the most important trend for Sogefi. In the face of the progressive reduction of the market share of some components (filters and other components for the combustion engine), interesting opportunities for the development of new products are emerging (battery cooling and electrical components). For hybrid platforms, which for many decades will constitute an obligatory transition for a significant slice of the market, the quantity of components that Sogefi could potentially produce is greater compared with that for traditional combustion engines.

The remaining sector trends (connectivity, autonomous driving and shared mobility) have a marginal impact on Sogefi’s business.