Sogefi: lightweight springs on a new Peugeot prototype at the Paris Motor Show

The new springs in composite material (GFRP  – glass fiber reinforced polymer), patented by Sogefi, are between 40 and 70% lighter than the traditional steel springs

Milan, October 6 2014 – Sogefi, the automotive components company of the CIR group, has fitted with its  new suspension springs in composite material (GFRP  – glass fiber reinforced polymer) the Peugeot 208 HYbrid Air 2L concept car, which is on display to the public at the international Paris Motor Show.
Sogefi, a world leader in engine systems and flexible components for suspension systems, patented this composite coil spring which weighs between 40 and 70% less than springs made from the traditional steel. The new springs can be mounted on cars and light commercial vehicles with no change to the suspension system, guaranteeing the vehicle a weight reduction of 4-6 kilograms (depending on the type of vehicle and the design of the spring) and a significantly reduced unsprung mass, thus improving driving precision. The replacement of steel by materials that are not subject to corrosion also guarantees a lower noise level and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions (up to – 0.5 g per km). These new composite springs also guarantee a lower impact of the production process on the environment than is traditionally the case. This is because producing these springs requires less energy with a resulting reduction in CO2 emissions.

As already announced, the Sogefi lightweight springs will be introduced to the market in the coming weeks.

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