Sogefi and the Politecnico di Milano: agreement signed for research and development projects


Milan, April 28 2014 – Sogefi, the car components company of the CIR group, and the Politecnico di Milano have signed an agreement to collaborate for three years on joint research and development initiatives in the automotive sector.

The agreement, signed by the Chief Executive of Sogefi, Guglielmo Fiocchi, and the Rector of the Politecnico, Prof. Giovanni Azzone, has the aim of developing research and development projects in the two sectors in which the Sogefi group operates – engine systems and suspension components for motor vehicles – and also includes possible training initiatives involving undergraduate and postgraduate students  having experience in the business as well as the sharing of technical competencies.

The initiative will typically involve various departments of the Politecnico di Milano, including the Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Energy departments. The joint research projects, in particular, will be in the areas of materials, processes, design and testing. In the next few weeks a commission of six experts will be set up, appointed in equal number by Sogefi and the Politecnico, to coordinate the cooperation, check the progress of the research activities and assess and propose further initiatives of common interest.

“This new collaboration with the Politecnico – explained Guglielmo Fiocchi, Chief Executive of Sogefi – is part of our strategy of concentrating more and more on research and development as a key factor for the future growth of Sogefi. Innovation in the car sector, starting from reducing weight and improving the efficiency of vehicles, now depends significantly on the components companies. Sogefi in particular is gradually increasing its investment in research and development, which has gone up in recent years from around 2% to just under 3% of its total revenues. We are very satisfied with this partnership, which combines the experience of an Italian multinational operating in international markets with the competence of a national science and technology university of absolute excellence.”

“Creating and developing new research projects with important industrial partners is part of the vocation of the Politecnico di Milano – added Giovanni Azzone, Rector of the University – our three-year collaboration with Sogefi will speed up their R&D activity, while enabling our University to be in contact with a top level international work environment.”

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