Shareholders’ meeting – 2018 Annual report

Minutes of the extraordinary annual general meeting 29 April 2019linkpdf
Minutes of the ordinary annual general meeting 29 April 2019 (Italian version)linkpdf
Summary report of the Shareholders’ Meeting votes of 29 April 2019 (Italian version)linkpdf
Compensation Reportlinkpdf
Appointment of the Members of the Board of Directorslinkpdf
Proposal for own shareslinkpdf
Change of voting right increaselinkpdf
COFIDE FY 2018linkpdf
List of appointment of the Board of Directorslinkpdf
Price COFIDE Shares at March 2019linkpdf
Annual General Meeting 29 April 2019linkpdf
Corporate Governance Report 2018linkpdf
COFIDE DNF Sustainability Report 2018linkpdf
Post-Shareholders’ Notice 30 April 2019linkpdf
Form for appointing designated representative (Italian version)linkpdf
Ordinary proxy form (Italian version)linkpdf
Notice of Annual General Meetinglinkpdf
Extract from the notice of Annual General Meetinglinkpdf