Materiality matrix

The synthesis of the strategic approach to business and the perspective of stakeholders represents an important instrument for the definition and development of the priorities of sustainability and the ongoing generation of shared value in the short, medium and long term. This synthesis takes the form of the CIR group’s materiality matrix, produced on the basis of the materiality analysis of the two subsidiaries and updated in 2020.

The KOS materiality analysis was updated considering both a desk analysis and best practices in the health-care sector, relevant studies and publications, the topics referred to in Legislative Decree 254/16.

The material aspects identified were discussed internally by the main company functions and approved by top management. The results were also confirmed by the first stakeholder engagement activities carried out in 2021.

Sogefi‘s materiality analysis was updated through surveys of the identified key stakeholders or the main customers, suppliers and managers of the three business units. The results received were discussed internally with top management to assess their priority.

The themes considered relevant for the CIR group and its stakeholders were chosen on the basis of the results obtained by KOS and Sogefi. While taking the respective idiosyncrasies of the different companies into account, the materiality matrix provides a unified vision of the economic, social and environmental impacts that influence the group’s modus operandi and stakeholders’ decisions. The matrix identifies 15 economic, social and environmental themes of significance for the group and which have a substantial influence on the evaluations and decisions of stakeholders. It was created according to the Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative and the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards.

titlex valuey valuedescriptioncolorcategory
Customer health and safety8687The customers are at the center of the group’s business activities, in all its areas of operation. For this reason, guaranteeing their maximum success and safety is a priority. This goal is also pursued through the respect for the best standards and the laws and regulations applied to its context.bluResponsabilità verso i clienti finali
Health and safety of workers7980With the aim preventing and managing the professional risks linked to the conduct of the company’s activities, systems of monitoring and safeguarding the health and safety of workers have always been a point of attention for the group, continuously evolving and improving, also through the dissemination of a group culture within this context.rossoResponsabilità verso le Risorse Umane
Economic performance8983With the aim of pursuing positive economic-financial results in the short term and achieving economic balance in the medium-long term, guaranteeing development that endures over time, an effective evaluation and allocation of resources is necessary. This not only facilitates increased economic sustainability, but also the creation and distribution of economic value among the group’s different categories of stakeholders.neroResponsabilità economica
Business integrity and ethics6866The group promotes good corporate governance, inspired by the highest ethical standards and in compliance with laws and regulations, maintaining and developing a relationship of trust with its stakeholders and seeking to better balance the interests involved, respecting the principles of honesty, impartiality, trustworthiness, loyalty, fairness and transparency and good faith.verdeGovernance e compliance

Innovative and eco-responsible products and technologies
5964Process and product innovation is an integral part of the strategic vision of the group, which is constantly engaged in the search for solutions, products and technologies that minimize the social and environmental impact. For this reason, the group considers it important to support investments in R&D and collaborate with external partners, such as suppliers, customers and the scientific community.neroResponsabilità economica

Privacy and protection of customer data
3439Protecting the privacy and personal data of the customer who interact with the group is a question to which all group companies give primary attention. They implement constant measures in this context, in a perspective of transparency and respect for laws and regulations.bluResponsabilità verso i clienti finali

Responsible supply practices
5477Considering the size and geographical extension of its activities, the strict control of supply practices is essential for a responsible and sustainable business. For this reason, the group works through a business model that sees in sustainability a key factor in all its commercial relationships and that binds the company’s supply chain to the principles contained in the Code of Ethics.sabbiaResponsabilità sociale

Enhancement and development of skills
5471The group pays great attention to the development of the professional skills of its people and the enhancement of talent, elements that are essential for enduring success. For this reason, all group companies promote a work environment that stimulates individual potential, which includes training courses in line with the characteristics and work requirements of staff.rossoResponsabilità verso le Risorse Umane

Diversity and equal opportunity
4856The group is committed to enhancing diversity and eliminating any form of discrimination in the workplace, promoting the enhancement of each individual’s skill, regardless of nationality, religion and gender, political or union membership, sexual orientation and physical or psychological condition or any other characteristic not relevant to the working sphere.rossoResponsabilità verso le Risorse Umane

Responsible management of materials and waste
5362The group promotes an efficient waste management and disposal policy, aimed at optimizing its collection, transport and disposal, with particular regard to the use, reuse and recovery of materials, and where applicable, implementing control mechanisms on activities entrusted to third parties.azzurroResponsabilità ambientale

Company remunerations and welfare
4859The group’s remuneration policy is oriented to guaranteeing competitiveness in the labor market, in line with the goals of growth and retention of human resources, as well as differentiating remuneration instruments on the basis of individual professionalism and skill. The system of economic incentives, linked to both individual and company targets, promotes a spirit of belonging to the group and is based on the values of fairness, merit and equality.rossoResponsabilità verso le Risorse Umane

Energy and emissions
7068The group is committed to implementing initiatives aimed at improving efficiency and limiting its energy consumption, using renewable energy where possible, with the ultimate goal of pursuing higher levels of eco-efficiency and reducing polluting and greenhouse gas emissions.azzurroResponsabilità ambientale

Customer satisfaction
7474The group is committed to guaranteeing reliability, safety, quality and availability of the products and services offered to customers, monitoring their satisfaction with ad hoc involvement tools. The group promotes an efficient and effective complaints management system to allow the continuous improvement of the commitment to quality and satisfaction of the requests of all stakeholders and implementing the appropriate corrective actions.bluResponsabilità verso i clienti finali

Integration, involvement and impact on local communities
4750The group contributes to the sustainable development of the territory, considering the needs of the communities in which it operates. This takes place both through the use of local resources, such as employees and suppliers, and thanks to information, dialogue and listening initiatives carried out in order to guarantee a positive impact on the community in terms of social, cultural, educational-sporting and environmental impact.sabbiaResponsabilità sociale

Water use and management
4353The sustainable use of water resources requires the implementation of an effective and efficient system and creating awareness of the importance of reducing its consumption and pollution. For this reason, the group’s companies are committed to saving water, paying attention to the responsible use of water both in its production activities and in its operational facilities.azzurroResponsabilità ambientale

Economic responsibility

Governance and compliance

Responsibility towards end customers

Responsibility towards Human Resources

Social responsability

Environmental responsibility