Gruppo Espresso: candidate lists fot the election of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Rome, 2 April 2015 – Gruppo L’Espresso S.p.A. hereby announces that two lists have been filed today for the appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors for the years 2015-2017. The lists will be submitted to the Ordinary General Meeting called for 23 April 2015 at 11.00 a.m. on first call and for 24 April 2015 on second call.

1) List no. 1 presented by CIR S.p.A., the major shareholder (which has testified that it holds voting rights representing 53.581% of the ordinary share capital):
Candidates for the office of Regular Auditor
1. Prof. Pietro MANZONETTO
2. Dott.ssa Marina SCANDURRA
3. Dott. Silvano CIPOLLA

Candidates for the office of Alternate Auditor
1. Mr Riccardo ZINGALES
2. Mrs Antonella DELLATORRE
3. Mr Massimo COLOMBO

2) List no. 2 submitted by Anima SGR S.p.A.: Fondo Anima Geo Italia e Fondo Anima Italia; Eurizon Capital S.G.R.S.p.A. gestore dei fondi: Eurizon Azioni Italia e Eurizon Azioni PMI Italia; Eurizon Capital SA gestore del fondo Eurizon EasyFund – Equity Italy; Fideuram Investimenti S.G.R. S.p.A. gestore del fondo Fideuram Italia; Fideuram Asset Management (Ireland) Limited gestore dei fondi: Fideuram Fund Equity ltaly, Fonditalia Flexible ltaly e Fonditalia Equity ltaly; Interfund Sicav gestore del fondo Interfund Equity Italy; Mediolanum Gestione Fondi SgrpA gestore dei fondi: Mediolanum Flessibile Italia Mediolanum Flessibile Sviluppo Italia e Mediolanum International Funds Limited – Challenge Funds – Challenge Italian Equity, some minority shareholders (which have testified that they hold voting rights representing 3.174% of the ordinary share capital):

Candidates for the office of Regular Auditor
1. Dott.ssa Stefania MANCINO

Candidates for the office of Alternate Auditor
1. Dott. Andrea BIGNAMI

The curricula vitae and all additional documents with which the individual candidates accept their nomination and attest that they possess all the requirements called for by law and by the Articles of Association, together with detailed information on their personal and professional status is now available to the public at the registered offices in Via Cristoforo Colombo 98, Rome, at the Borsa Italiana S.p.A., at the authorized storage device 1Info at and available on the Company’s website in the Corporate Governance section.

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