CIR press release on Lodo Mondadori

Milan, November 2 2011 – CIR and its legal counsel, Attorneys Prof. Vincenzo Roppo and Elisabetta Rubini, have learnt of Fininvest’s petition to the Court of Cassation, which had already been announced. The petition will be examined and a response will be made in the coming weeks.
Contrary to what Fininvest is stating, CIR and its legal counsel are of the opinion that the rulings of the Court of Law and the Court of Appeal of Milan applied the law correctly and correctly reconstructed the facts of the case. Thus sentencing Fininvest to pay damages is in no way an “expropriation” but rather the just compensation for the damage suffered by CIR over 20 years ago as a result of the corruption of a judge. As is known, before the two civil rulings even the criminal Court of Cassation had recognized definitively that in 1991 Fininvest instructed its lawyers to bribe judge Metta in order to obtain the annulment of the Lodo Mondadori ruling which was in CIR’s favour.
In the light of these considerations, CIR and its legal counsel will await the outcome of the final civil ruling of legitimacy calmly and with confidence.  

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