CIR: Comment on the Lodo Mondadori consultation process

Milan, September 24 2010 – CIR and its legal counsel, Prof. Vincenzo Roppo and Elisabetta Rubini, are pleased to note the outcome of the main part of the CTU process (Technical Consultation ordered by the Court), which recognizes that the objective values of the companies involved in the transaction of 1991 have changed only slightly compared to those of the previous year. It therefore confirms that the huge difference to the detriment of CIR between the financial terms of the transaction and those previously negotiated was due to the wrongful cancellation of the Lodo Mondadori, obtained through the corruption of judges.

However, other parts of the CTU are definitely debatable. CIR and its legal counsel reserve the right to examine them in depth with a view to firmly contesting them as and when appropriate, both in relation to the merit of the issues involved and their relevance to the case in hand. CIR and its legal counsel are confident that the proceedings are moving towards the confirmation of the company’s being in the right in the Court of Appeal as well.

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