Shareholders’ meeting – 2014 Annual report

Extract from the notice of annual general meetinglinkpdf
Form for appointing designated representative (Italian version)linkpdf
Ordinary proxy form (Italian version)linkpdf
Proposal to approval of incentive plans 2015linkpdf
Notice of 2015 Annual General Meetinglinkpdf
CIR 2014 Annual Reportlinkpdf
Proposal for own shareslinkpdf
2014 Report of the Corporate Governancelinkpdf
CIR: AGM approves Financial Statements for 2014linkpdf
Notice of the filing of the minutes of the shareholders meeting (Italian version)linkpdf
Summary report of the votes of the shareholders’ meetinglinkpdf
Minutes of the ordinary meeting 27 april 2015linkpdf
2015 Compensation reportlinkpdf