CIR: filing of documentation for AGM

Milan, 23 March 2023 – Regarding the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of CIR S.p.A., convened in ordinary session for 28 April 2023, 10.00 a.m., at a single calling, it is announced that are available at the Company headquarters (Via Ciovassino 1, Milan), on the website (section Governance/Shareholders meetings) and on the authorized storage mechanism eMarket STORAGE:

  • the Report of the Board of Directors on the proposed authorization to buy back own shares and use them as appropriate, subject to revocation of the prior authorization (item 2);
  • the Report on the remuneration policy and on compensation paid pursuant to Art. 123 – ter of the TUF (item 3);
  • the Report of the Board of Directors on the proposal to approve Stock Grant Plan 2023 (item 4).

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