Gaetano Rebecchini


Gaetano Rebecchini (Washington D.C. – USA, 1987) has been a standing auditor of CIR since June 2020. 

He obtained a degree in Corporate Economics from the Bocconi University of Milan in 2007 and a Master’s degree cum laude in the Science of Finance from the Cass Business School of London in 2009.

He exercises the profession of Chartered Accountant (Dottore Commercialista) and Legal Auditor. More specifically, he does consulting work on the valuation of companies and business arms but also works in the sphere of civil and criminal proceedings for disputes on the subject of finance or financial offences.

He has had the role of attestant and consultant, according to the type of case involved, in the sphere of insolvency proceedings. He has also acted as a liquidator of companies belonging to prime Italian groups including listed companies.

He is an independent director of the bank Imprebanca S.p.A..

He is a member of the Boards of Statutory Auditors of various companies, including Prelios S.p.A. and Tiscali S.p.A. (a company listed on the MTA market managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.).