Our people

The group workforce

People are a point of strength and fundamental asset for the group. We are committed to ensuring a working environment where everyone can develop their own potential to the fullest.

The CIR group’s total workforce on 31 December 2020 counted 17.626 people, an increase of 4% compared with 2019.

At the end of 2020, the workforce consisted of 6,872 men and 10,748 women, with 60% of women in the group. The employees between the age of 30 and 50 are 52% and around 87% are based in Europe . Sogefi’s workforce – 71% of which is blue collar – is predominantly male, while KOS’ workforce is 58% of operators ad is majority female .

In any case, we seek to favor gender diversity and promote equal opportunities, beginning from the employee selection process. For the benefit of both genders, we also develop initiatives for work-life balance.

Multiculturalism is an important theme for both KOS, which respects the social and cultural diversity of its patients, and for Sogefi which runs production plants in 20 countries.

Division by area of activity of the CIR group’s workforce – 31 December 2020

CIR S.p.A.20

Division by geographic region of the CIR group’s workforce – 31 December 2020

North America5%
South America3%

Division by gender of the CIR group’s workforce – 31 December 2020


A common policy for the management of human resources

Both holding company and subsidiaries are inspired by a common policy for the management of human resources, founded on the centrality of the individual, enhancement of human capital, respect for diversity and promotion of equal opportunity.

Our subsidiaries each have their own Human Resources function and implement the values and guidelines common to the group, according to their specific situations and the needs of the sectors in which they operate.

All group companies are committed to providing work environments that are dynamic and continuously evolving, characterized by a significant level of complexity due to its highly diversified portfolio of activities.

Our remuneration policies aim to guarantee competitiveness in the labor market, in line with our objectives of growth and retention of human resources. We have adopted a differentiated model for the diverse professional categories, also with incentive systems linked to individual and company targets, so as to encourage to spirit of belonging within the group.

We are committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our people, and to spread an industrial culture aimed at effectively preventing and managing professional risks.

To ensure our long-term success, we believe it fundamental to establish stable and enduring work relationships, and we pay great attention to the creation of quality jobs in the areas where we operate. Permanent contracts represent about 93% of our total workforce.

At both the group and subsidiaries’ level, we have adopted policies of professional development and talent enhancement. In 2020, we provided a total of more than 106,592 hours of training, 55% less than in 2019. The training was mostly focused on containment, management and working methods in the context of a pandemic,

Hours of training provided in 2020

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The KOS approach

The development of human capital is necessary to reach and maintain levels of excellence in healthcare services and to consolidate a management style based on the strategic management of human resources. KOS is aware that human resources and know-how are key assets in gaining competitive advantage, above all because of the sensitive context in which the group operates, and because of the responsibility entrusted to our people. The company, therefore, constantly invests in professional qualification and training. During 2020 a total of 50,837 hours of training were provided, mostly focused on the adoption of specific prevention and protection behaviours and the correct use of PPE and dressing and undressing method to contain Covid-19 virus.

The company regularly carries our investigations into the climate of the workplace and recently introduced a benefit plan that facilitates a better work-life balance – a crucial consideration in the social-healthcare sector – and to support employees and their families with initiatives linked to study, health and free time.

The employees of KOS are entirely covered by collective national labor contracts.

The Sogefi approach

Sogefi’s international footprint is one of its strengths and the company places fundamental importance on the integration of diverse cultures, attitudes and languages. The heterogeneous nature of the workforce is a fundamental value which has engendered team spirit at every level. 

The aim of Sogefi’s training programs, in particular, is to improve technical know-how, use of quality instruments, linguistic and IT skills, factors linked to health and safety and environmental themes. In 2020 Sogefi provided 55,520 hours of training involving all categories of employees, less than 60% compared with 2019.

Around 84% of employees are covered by collective national labor contracts. The level of coverage varies markedly depending on the geographic region.